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EWMA University Conference Model (UCM)

Bring your students to a whole new level!

The EWMA Conference offers a unique setting for learning, which international wound care specialists, studying post-graduate qualifications in wound management at universities all over Europe, use each year as part of the curriculum while engaging in a network of peers.


Read more about the EWMA UCM here or contact the EWMA Secretariat (ewma@ewma.org).


Wound courses endorsed by EWMA

As part of EWMA’s aim to identify high standard education programmes for health care professionals, we offer the possibility to have wound management courses endorsed by EWMA.


For more information go to the EWMA website or contact the EWMA Secretariat (ewma@ewma.org).









EWMA 2016 Conference in Bremen, Germany


The 26th Conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA 2016) will take place 11-13 May 2016 in the city of Bremen, Germany.

EWMA 2016 is organised in cooperation with the German wound association “Initiative Chronische Wunden”  (ICW) and the collaboration of German-speaking wound associations WundD·A·CH.

The conference is bilingual and offers sessions in English and German. In addition a large number of sessions will be simultaneously translated.

The EWMA 2016 Conference looks very promising and will most likely be the biggest in the history of EWMA.

A high number of abstracts have been submitted from all around the world and will contribute to an outstanding scientific programme.

The scientific programme has never been as big as this year’s, offering more sessions and a larger variety of topics than ever before. The exhibition has already exceeded anything previously seen at a EWMA conference.

Never before have there been so many good reasons to actively participate in the conference.


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Registration is now open. Register here.


Find more information about the conference and the programme at www.ewma2016.org

EWMA celebrates 25th anniversary


During 2016, EWMA celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

A number of events and activities will highlight important milestones in the history of EWMA and modern wound management in general.

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New EWMA website


In connection with the 25th anniversary, a new EWMA website will be launched in the beginning of 2016. We look forward to launching our new site with information about wound management for health care professionals as well as patients, at www.ewma.org.

Call for Nominations for EWMA Council Election 2016


If you are considering standing for election for the EWMA Council in 2016, further information about your opportunities to do so is listed below:


The individual election

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The Cooperating Organisation Board Election

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EWMA Journal


Have you read the latest version of the EWMA Journal?





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EWMA projects - news


EWMA Post graduate nurse wound curriculum

EWMA is now working on a European curriculum for post graduate nurses, with the objective to support more standardised content in the post graduate nurse education on wound management.

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EWMA wound centre endorsements

In 2015, a EWMA working group including wound care experts with prior experience in developing wound care centres in different European countries, has defined a set of criteria as well as a procedure for wound centre endorsements.
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Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme

We are proud to announce that EWMA has been appointed by the European Commission to contribute to the evaluation of the EU’s Action Plan against the rising threats from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). We are very pleased with this recognition, which is a positive outcome of our dedicated efforts concerning the AMR agenda in wound care.

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Health-Related Quality of Life – the Patient’s Perspective

At the beginning of 2016, EWMA will start working on a new document aiming to provide an overview and recommendations for use of the available HRQoL assessment tools for wound care patients.

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Document on the use of oxygen therapies in wound care

EWMA has started work on a guidance document tentatively titled: “Use of Oxygen Therapies in Wound Care”.

The document will provide an overview of oxygen treatment options available, as well as discussing the use of various kinds of oxygen therapies in wound healing.

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EWMA Conference in 2017


The 27th EWMA Conference will take place on 3 – 5 May in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The conference is organised in cooperation with WCS Knowledge Centre Wound Care and NOVW, the Dutch Organisation of Wound Professionals. Other wound care organisations in the Netherlands will be invited to engage in the programme planning.


On behalf of the EWMA Council, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas holiday and a happy New Year!

Kind regards,

Severin Läuchli,

EWMA President



Lohmann & Rauscher

L&R is growing worldwide: Consolidating sites in Europe and the US

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New clinical and scientific evidence supports the use of Mepilex® Border Heel for use as a component of pressure ulcer preventive strategies.  Learn more and watch webinar


Mepilex® Border Post-op awarded best health care product 2015. Read more


Exuding wounds are a tough challenge for patients as well as clinicians. Mepilex XT, a new wound dressing, is proven to manage both low- and high-viscosity fluid.  Read more








EWMA 25th Anniversary

This year EWMA is celebrating its 25th anniversary. On this occasion...


Annual General Meeting at the EWMA 2016 Conference

The Annual General Meeting at the EWMA 2016 Conference ...


New Logo: EWMA Celebrates 25th Anniversary

  During 2016, EWMA celebrates its 25th Anniversary. ...


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